The choir “Pueri Cantores” of Vicenza is pleased to present the workshop “L’opera per i giovani”
(“The opera for the youth”), which has been planned in order to renovate the passion for this kind of music in the new generations The opera portrays models of great humanity, characters that have intense ethical principles. That’s why we consider it the best way for the youth to discover again the value of human ethic through the pleasure of music and literature.

This workshop offers various benefits: from pure fun to the widening of knowledge, from the awakening of a particular taste for music to the linguistic knowledge and, last but not least, a special attention for the different cultures within Europe. In this way it is possible to trace the history of the human thought and of the human emotions.

We decided to use two different languages (Italian and German) in the operas “The Magic Flute” and “Hänsel and Gretel” basically for two reasons:

·        The achievement of a richer marriage between the symphonic poem and the languages’ colour and tone.

·        The pleasure and importance of joining together different cultures.

Our project is organized in four appointments, during which the participants will put on the following operas and learn something more about time and place of the operas themselves:

The Austria of Mozart, “The Magic Flute

The Italy of Verdi, “Nabucco”

The England of, “The Little Sweep”

The Germany of Humperdink, “Hänsel and Gretel”

The programme is multi-purpose and it is presented in a perspective of European cultural union where musicians and singers are the major representatives. It also includes the history of opera between 18th and 20th century. The workshop presents also an educational aspect because it is connected to the choir “Pueri Cantores” of Vicenza, which trains professional singers.

Each appointment is constituted by two main moments:

  1. Briefing: presentation of the opera in its historical and cultural contest. The musicologist Mr. Massimo Celegato will give lectures about opera, taking into account the different level of knowledge of the opera.

  2. Realisation and representation of the operas. The participants are going to work with the choir “Pueri Cantores” of Vicenza and with the corps de ballet  “Scuola Olimpica di Vicenza”. Music, lights, scenography and costumes by Roberto Fioretto, Massimo Celegato, Silvia Brunello, Clara Rebesan, Alfonsina Grisi, Cristina Clementi, Dina Soso, Gabriella and Michele Bellotto.

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