The Pueri Cantores Choir of Vicenza was founded in 1985 in Isola Vicentina and subsequently extended its activity to Vicenza and Lonigo.

The choir is directed by Mr. Roberto Fioretto, who is assisted by a number of singing teachers who specialize in working with children.

The choir has worked with the “Theatre Fenice” of Venice and “Theatre Real” of Madrir where have performed the opera “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Benjamin Britten, that will be conducted by John Eliot Gardiner in February 2004 and Genuary 2006.

The choir has worked with “Arena” of Verona Opera Company for productions of the Hans Werner Henze’s “Pollicino” and Lorenzo Ferrero “The Birth of Orpheus”, where the chorister who sang the part of Orpheus was singled out as a “promising new voice” in many national newspapers.

In other concerts the choir has been accompany by famous Orchestra like: “Orchestra Verdi” di Milano, “I Solisti Veneti”, “I Musicali Affetti” e the “Orchestra of Teatro Olimpico” of Vicenza, “Orchestra Federale del Veneto” and orchestra “Philarmonia Veneta” conducted by Cesare Alfieri, Giuliano Carella, Yon Marin, Giuseppe Grazioli e Claudio Scimone.

The choir has participated in numerous prestigious musical events and international festivals and has held concerts in the most important towns of Italy.

The choir has performed in numerous important concert in the Europe city like: London, Bristol, Prague, Wien, Roma, Milano, Graz, Basel, Zurich, Annecy, Cannes, Antibes, Alicante, Las Palmas, Mülhlausen Sulz, Rotenburg Wümme, Abensberg, Bratislava, Rołomberok, Hummenée. In Germany, in locations like the Reitstadel in Neumarkt, where many CDs have been recorded by Deutschegrammophon and other record Companies, and the impressive monastery at Maulbronn, where part of “The Name of the Rose” was filmed.

The choir has won numerous prizes at National and International Competitions, including first prize at the Città di Stresa International Competition in 1988.

In 1995 the choir joined the International Forum Chormusik, a cultural association that is officially recognized by UNESCO and the ASSEMBLY OF THE UNITED NATIONS.

A number of the Choir’s soloists have taken part in several well-known television programs: Veo Veo (Spain) and Bravo Bravissimo (Italy); others are often asked by important Opera Companies to perform solo children’s roles.

The choir has worked with famous Italian television personalities: Marco Columbro and Lorella Cuccarini for the recording of the musical fairytale “Palla di sogno” by Lise Thouin. During a tourne in one of the most beautiful places in south Italy, the famous “costiera Amalfitana”, the president of the International Giffoni Film Festival (Claudio Gubitosi) awarded a special prize to the choir. Currently the choir is collaborating with this Festival for the shooting of a film about the story of a children’s choir.

The choir has recorded a CD with Rainbow, containing performances of two works by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi the: “Stabat Mater Dolorosa” and the CXII Psalm “Laudate Pueri Dominum” (the first recording in the world). It has also recorded two “Magnificat”, (one by Galuppi and one by Vivaldi), Bach’s motet “Der Gerechte kommt um” and the Requiem KV 626 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The choir also appears in a scene in the French film “Les Enfants du Siecles” about the life of George Sand.

On Christmas Eve 1999 the choir was invited to sing on the Christmas Special of Italian version of the well-known “Wheel of Fortune” program hosted by Mike Bongiorno on the Rete 4 television channel.

The choir has recently begun to specialize in the performance of musical fairytales and has performed a number of operas, in addition to those mentioned above, in prestigious Italian theatres. These include José Cura’s “The Little Match Girl” and “The Boy with the Violin” at the Teatro Olimpico of Vicenza and the Teatro Comunale of Lonigo, a modern version of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” at the Teatro Borgatti of Cento (Ferrara) and an abridget version of Verdi’s “Nabucco”.

This year the choir has producet Engelbert Humperdinck’s opera “Hänsel und Gretel”. We believe in the “opera” and we use it as the best way to unite European Civilizations with the emotions that the opera provokes. Helping to carry out new knowledge, forming a musical’s taste and a general moment of entertainment. We chose to represent the Humperdinck’s opera and “Mozart’s Zauberflote” using the Italian and German language to make a richer marriage between the symphonic poem and the languages' timbre. And once again to show how positive it is to join together two different cultures.


The Choir’s Director Maestro Roberto Fioretto, has studied:

Organ and Organ Composition at the Vicenza Conservatory, the History and Teaching of music at the Cremona School of Music, and Singing Teaching Methods with Gerhard Schmidt-Garden and Giorgio Bredolo.

In 1985 Roberto Fioretto founded the “Vicenza Pueri Cantores” choir. He gave life to the “Research Centre of New Methodology for the Teaching of Children’s Music”. In this centre, they have conducted a scientific study on the technical voice of the children and of the positive influence of the vibration of sound in the neurocerebral system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, along with muscular coordination. Studies show positive growth in children from the birth up.


The “Pueri Cantores” Choir is formed of children and adolescents who enjoy music and spend their spare time studying song.

The choir has schools in Isola Vicentina, Lonigo and is specialized in teaching music and song to small children. The aim of the school is to create a choir of children and young people in order to assist the development of musical culture and training through an increased awareness of music and in particular of both choral and individual singing.

The school researches and tests singing techniques and new didactic methods for teaching music to children. It also offers a complete training programme for the physical and mental development of the young people who grow up within it. By studying and performing very “difficult” music, the choir aims to educate young people, teaching them to think for themselves and assisting in the formation of their personality.

The school offers courses at two levels:

  1. The introductory course where children take their first steps in the world of music by studying music and song.

  2. The advanced courses where pupils are trained to perform a wide range of music at a professional level within the choir itself.

In both courses pupils attend one individual singing lesson where they study voice technique, and one or two group singing lessons which lead to the formation of a treble voice choir at a professional level. The musical training offered is based on methods that have been developed especially for young people. These pay particular attention to involving the whole body “action of sound” and act in the body in different ways according to the position required and the exercise involved. Rhythmic training for example, which deals with the sub-division of time and movement is performed using exercises based on rhythm and movement. These encourage the mobility of the entire body, releasing its tension and coordinating its movement with the rhythm of the music.


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